Awards and Recognition

Arturo Cano
Congratulations to Arturo Cano, who recently celebrated two years with CPT. Drivers who have been employed with Coastal Plains Trucking for at least a year, who achieved 90% or better on scorecards for 12 consecutive months AND who had no preventable MVAs, no behavior-based spills and no corrective actions, were entered to win a big screen TV! He hit all of the marks, entered the drawing, AND won a big screen TV!

Driving for Excellence
Congratulations to our Driving for Excellence award winners! Top drivers recognized in key performance categories also took home a custom Coastal Plains Trucking BBQ Pit. Awards are based first and foremost on safety records outlined in the drivers' scorecards, with consideration for attendance and production. Runners up each received a special gift.

Wright Yard WInner
Grill winner: Jason Lovell (left)
Runner up: Sedeke Fofana

Orla Winner
Grill winner: Gerardo Acevedo
Runner up: Hector Vazquez

West Texas Crude WInner
Grill winner: Arturo Rubio (right)
Runner up: Felix Sandoval

Specialty Services
Grill Winner: Ruben Franco
Runner up: Todd Holmes

Charlotte Crude
Grill winner: Victor Flores
Runner up and repeat winner:
Julio Ortiz

Out of this World
Did you know Coastal Plains Trucking keeps things moving across the continental United States and into outer space? We’re proud to honor Eric Pielecki (left). Eric hauled many loads out to the Blue Origin site – where private citizens Jeff Bezos, Mark Bezos, Wally Funk and Oliver Daemen became astronauts following a successful round trip past the Kármán Line, the internationally recognized boundary of space. This project has been Eric’s main focus for several years. Following the success of New Shepard’s recent mission, we recognized Eric for his efforts with a special award (presented by Glenn Brewer, right).

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