Each team member is a valuable part of the organization. We want everyone doing valuable work that gives them security and dignity.  Coastal Plains Trucking is in the relentless pursuit of continuous improvement. Our management is committed to creating policy and procedure that allows us to operate in a proactive manner, getting ahead of problems before they begin. 

Coastal Plains Trucking Leadership recently met for a retreat to focus on the evolution of our business and pushing our company past the status quo. The team celebrated accomplishments such as the utilization of new resources and tools to find efficiencies, the expansion of our business and new customer partnerships, our excellent safety record, and our ability to weather the pandemic. Time was also spent identifying challenges that we continue to face, like the need for better communication and planning, the nature of constant change in our business and the oilfield sector and improving company culture overall. The retreat wrapped up with the leadership team determined to further refine our processes and be more proactive in our decision making.

Our entire organization is encouraged to rethink what we do and look for improvements. Have an idea on how we can do things better? Please let your supervisor or a member of the Support Team in Lufkin know. We’d love to hear from you!