Dispatch Vol. 5 Issue 2 - September 2022

We are proud to share that business for Coastal Plains Trucking continues to expand, thanks to the many efforts of our entire team. All our districts are producing slightly ahead of levels from last year and we appreciate everyone’s efforts in accomplishing this level of productivity and, most importantly, doing it safely.

South Texas Crude has done a phenomenal job keeping pace with the new Stephen F. Austin wells that came online August 1st. This was the largest trucked flowback package we have seen in South Texas in many years. It far outstripped the production estimates set by the customer by more than double. Everyone stepped up and, most importantly, got the job done safely, all while keeping up with our normally scheduled production. Our crude division continues to grow with the order of 25 new day cabs to be delivered throughout 2023 to support our Texas crude operations.

Our cryogenics division will also be expanding throughout the end of this year and in the first quarter of next year with the addition of 22 new nitrogen trailers and tractors. The new trailers utilize lightweight aluminum construction and will help us maximize payloads for our customers, thereby increasing the value that CPT provides. This increased payload capacity will be critical moving forward. It will allow us more opportunities in the merchant space in the future. It also frees up our heavier legacy trailers to grow our industrial offerings such as oilfield, pipeline, and plant turnarounds. Our third new carbon dioxide trailer is expected to be delivered by the end of this month. The CO2 expansion will allow us to leverage the decrease in CO2 production and increase in demand, which has led users to have to go further to source CO2. This equates to more transports needed to cover more miles, which is excellent news for CPT.

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