Continued Investment

Coastal Plains Trucking remains committed to the continued investment in our people and equipment to maintain our high standards of service and reliability. Despite tentative economic forecasts and lingering concerns created by COVID-19, CPT committed to purchasing 22 new tractors in December of 2020 to revitalize and expand our fleet.

CPT also added another water trailer, converted several crude trailers to haul fuel, and added flatbed trailers to our fleet. CPT continues to support our drivers and clients by providing the best equipment available to perform our jobs.

Coastal Plains Trucking is different. We understand that we need to supply our team great equipment to support our clients. Apply today at

Essential to the Supply Chain
From March to August 2020 Coastal Plains Trucking partnered with National Elite to haul groceries and aid in keeping the nation's supply chain open.

At the height, CPT had 13 drivers delivering groceries across the country. This opportunity allowed CPT to keep our most valuable asset, our team members, working while supporting the nation amid the COVID-19 crisis. Our team members delivered 289 loads of groceries during this turbulent time for our nation.

Move Forward with CPT